Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marley and me

We decided to have a family night last night. After waffles and eggs for dinner, we sat down to watch Marley and Me. It was a little more crass than I would have preferred for the kids, but they don't usually take the details in on the first time through. I skipped through the major kissing/intimate scenes and we were really enjoying it. The kids kept saying that they were glad Cyrus wasn't that bad of a dog. Ah, but then the end. Marley turned into a good dog. But he also got old. :( Didn't see the ending scene coming. I got caught up in it and was crying. My poor 5 1/2 year old was trying to process the whole thing. Then she looks up at me and says "I don't want to see it, I feel really sad" and then bursts into loud hysterical sobbing. Not much I said made her feel better. I suppose it was a good of a time as any to explain that animals get old and "putting them to sleep" is humane. My 3 yr old had to affirm that "I'm not old though, right Mommy?" Yikes. Note to self....ALWAYS pre-screen movies, even when someone else tells you it's a sweet movie and they think it would be okay for kids. Things always seem to turn out more complicated than I plan.

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