Saturday, July 11, 2009


I have to say...this blogging thing is harder than I thought. I figured it would be easy. I'd come up with some clever things to say, you know, DEEP THOUGHTS. Turns out that when I sit down to type, there aren't too many deep thoughts that come to mind. Maybe those are buried way deeper in my subconscious. And because my life right now revolves around the kids and the couple of hobbies I've picked up, I don't really know if I should post about the same things all the time. Isn't that redundant? And really, who wants to hear about my life problems? And honestly, there's only so much you can share online about your personal life. Hmmmm, these are things I didn't anticipate needing to deal with. It's an interesting paradox. So, there's my post for today. Not deep thoughts by Miranda. I hope to be back tomorrow with something more Elsa's birthday party pics. It's a "Fancy Nancy" theme, so it should be fun!

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