Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patricks Day

Today was fun. We were pretty lazy for most of the day. Just hanging out and fitting in little school lessons here and there. We started the morning with Lucky Charms (yeah, real healthy, but the kids were pleased). I had to start dinner at 1pm, before we even got around to eating lunch. I braised Corned Beef in the oven for 4 hours. When that was done, I simmered potatoes and cabbage in the juice from the beef. We also had Irish Soda Bread. It presented really well on the plate, though Isaac (3) made a loud "blech" sound when he saw it, haha. They all ate it though. I gave the kids apple juice to simulate Ale. Dave had a Guiness. We never did get around to telling the kids what St Paddy's Day is all about. I am having trouble finding the Veggie Tales version of the story since I know they would actually take in the information then. Ah, well, hopefully tomorrow. The kids also had Awana's tonight, and they all wore green. It was cute. After Awana we had mint chocolate chip ice cream. Not irish, but at least it was the right color.

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